SUFFOLK  and  NORFOLK AREAS of ENGLAND    
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                                   Unrelated  FOULGER  families from Suffolk - Norfolk and  Essex      
  AMBROSE FOULGER of Great Barton Suffolk     FOULGER family of Bealings Suffolk   FOULGER family of Botesdale Suffolk
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  FOULGER family of Carlton Colville     FOULGER family of Fakenham Magna   FOULGER family of Grundisburgh
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  FOULGER family of Rickinghall     FOULGER family of Stoke Ash     FOULGER family of Trimley
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  FOULGER family of Westerfield     JAMES FOULGER of Weston   FOULGER- FAUX notes  
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  FOULGER family of Horstead Norfolk     FRANCIS FOULGER of Norwich Norfolk   LAZARUS FOULGER of Norwich Norfolk
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  FOULGER family of Thetford Norfolk      FOULGER family of Trowse Norfolk    
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  FOULGER family of Walthamstow Essex     FOULGER family of Wanstead Essex    
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                                                                                  LYN'S family from Hampshire  
                 DURRANT family         FRENCH family              HUTCHINS family             KILL family         STEERE family  
          The surname FOULGER is a variation of the old German word FULCHER meaning "Folk Army"  
           The first record of FULCHER found in England was in the 1086 Suffolk section of "The Doomsday Book"  
          The first records of  FOULGER found in England were in the baptism and burial records of Sibton Suffolk  
           a RICHARD  FOULGER was buried 29 January 1566 a ANNA FOULGER daughter of BENEDICT was baptised 10 May 1573  
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